ISP & Cable Management System

SparseISP is an ISP management system with Mikrotik API which helps you to manage your ISP business smoothly. SparseISP is developed for ISP and Cable business owners. Not only ISP/Cable business owners but also useful in other related businesses as well. We developed SparseISP in a way so that entrepreneurs, startups and ISP/Cable business owners can run their business smoothly and in the right way. ISP business owners can manage their PPPoE and Hotspot Users. Create new PPPoE and Hotspot users from SparseISP dashboard. No need to login into your router to create PPPoE/Hotspot user. Enable or Disable your PPPoE/Hotspot user easily from the dashboard. Connect PPPoE/Hotspot user’s secret with the portal user and manage to bill, send SMS/Email, generate the auto invoice and many more.



  • Flexible pricing and rating plans including anniversary billing, pro-rating, usage based billing and more. Plug-in system allows easy addition of new pricing plans.
  • Real-time credit check processing with all major processing gateways. Email, SMS, printed and online invoicing.
  • Complete, integrated trouble ticketing system included, based on Request Tracker from Best Practical Solutions
  • Auto-responds to customer email, assigns a ticket number and allows your staff to track requests collaboratively
  • Multiple queues, custom fields, templates, ticket associations, templates, customizable workflow, and more.
  • Simple API available to write your own self-service pages or applications.
  • Unlimited resellers with branded invoices, individual pricing and payment gateways.
  • Reseller access allows resellers access to only their own customers.
  • User-wise role Profile controlled Authentication.
  • System can be used by onetime cost or rental basis.
  • SMS API Integration with billing and customer support area